Airbrush Tanning Training School (2-day course)

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Are you looking for an affordable business opportunity that is high in demand and has low start up costs? Let me introduce you to the profitable and booming Airbrush Tanning World. We are everywhere and now a part of a weekly/monthly beauty regiments. We are at gyms, yoga studios, beauty salons, clothing boutiques, spas, pilate studios and we're mobile or even create a studio in your own home.  

I am offering private, hands-on Airbrush Tanning Training Courses anywhere in the Los Angeles, Ventura & Orange County areas. 1 offer a 1 or 2 day course from 4 hrs per day or a crash course of one day . I am flexible and willing to work with your schedule. My studio is located in West Hills, CA. I have a "golden rule" of not training two people that live within a 10 mile radius. I personallly know of 8 other women within 5 miles of me that also do spray tanning and it hasn't affected my business whatsoever. You will know how to go the extra mile for your clients to keep them coming back. There is so much work for you out there! It's easy money and it's such a blessing to meet so many amazing women.   

If you are  located in Los Angeles, Ventura or Orange County, just call or text me me and we can talk about all your goals and dreams of owning your very own spray tan business.  Before I started my own Spray Tan Business, I was in Marketing for many years. With all my expertise and knowledge in this field, i will teach you all the tools to market your new business and in no time at all, you will be up and running! 

This is a private, hands-on training and I will share with you all my business secrets, tips and tricks, bed side manner, sales approaches and technique. I have broken it down to make the learning experience VERY simple. No need to be an esthetician or cosmetologist to know and understand what solution to use for different skin tones. You will know this in 1 day, if taught by yours truly!  You do not need to have a license to do spray tans as we don't touch our clients. I will provide you with a certification after completion of your training. Don't worry, once you're all set and ready to start spray tanning, I will also be there for you after the training is done.  You can call or text me anytime you have a question or need clarification. Let the fun begin, call me and become the hottest spray tanner in your neighborhood.   

Your friends and family will love you for about a week as you use them for your guinnea pigs but then you will have to eventually start charging them!! Each client that you spray will become your walking business card. Your clientele will continue to grow and grow right before your very eyes.  

Call me (Louise)  today and start the beginning of your new future! 

Training day schedule, Testimonials form our students, 

Photos and much more to come!!!

Rates: $650 for two a day course and 2 follow up sessions w/your own models, within 3 months.  

$350 for a one day crash course and no follow up sessions. You will still learn everything you need to know to start your own business. Day two is all hands on spraying our models and each other, The more time you have with me and my technique the more confident you will be! 

Call Louise for details 818.281.2569

Start thinking about your own business name? That's the fun part. It's all yours,  i'm just here to teach you how to be the best and succeed.